Sunday, October 21, 2012

birthday buddies: TODAY!

Pretty sure a photo or two will express nicely today's birthday buddy...

and how I feel about sharing a birthday with her...

That's right--happy birthday Carrie Fisher (!) (1956)

And happy birthday to me! Since I share a birthday with someone who was a princess, I'm prolly one too, right? At least for today? ;-) And if that's not what that means, I hope that at least it means I can have a little bit of her courage in being open about her difficulties and past poor choices and moving forward into healthier ways of living.

But first I think I'll take the princess... :-)


  1. Happy Birthday Teri- Princess of teh Galaxy!!! Enjoy teh Day. And yes- it is all about YOU!

  2. I hope you have an amazing day! Eat cake, laugh a lot, have fun. Many blessings.

  3. May the force be with you! (couldn't resist)! Hope you had a terrific birthday!