Friday, November 07, 2014


It's only the 6th of November...the 6th day of National Blog Posting Month...and I already thought "oh dear, it's 11pm and I need to write something for my blog...I wonder if anyone would notice if it was more like an almost every day thing?"

So, in honor of the 6th day...6 things.

1. The day I happened to just pop some goat cheese into pasta sauce was one of the best fast-dinner-fancying things I've ever done. (And I did it again tonight.) Turns all creamy-deliciousness.

2. We are doing some really cool stuff at church, organizing around liturgical seasons and planning around scripture readings. This Sunday people can sign up for a 2015 season...and tonight, setting up the sign-up tables, I got to make things pretty with fabric and decorations, and it was great--and not only because the Pentecost fabric turned me all glittery.

3. It's almost time for the Faithbridge Interfaith Thanksgiving service, which this year is all music. I can't wait to hear what all these local musicians do with the theme of gratitude.

4. I am beginning to be cautiously hopeful that Ollie has stopped peeing on the carpet. Though I'm a little concerned that she may have just found a new spot for it, so I'm still going around sniffing the carpet every morning.

5. The scarves I bought last year in Paris are already staples of my winter wardrobe. Except it's only November. Yesterday, the pink and gray silk. Today, the purple and green paisley cotton. love.

6. I haven't turned the heat on yet. And right now, in a sweatshirt and pajama pants, under a blanket and a laptop, I'm actually kind of hot. If this keeps up, I might just make it to Thanksgiving. If that happens, I wonder if I'll be stubborn enough to hold out for Christmas? (spoiler: probably not.)

There you have it...six for the sixth. Aren't you glad I did this today and not on the TWENTY-sixth? haha.

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