Monday, November 03, 2014

the heater challenge

Every year I challenge myself not to turn on the heat until at least Halloween. If I can make it, I try for Thanksgiving.
This year it got cold very early, but I soldiered on with blankets and sweatshirts. It warmed up again, which was lovely--we had a little taste of Indian Summer. Now it's chilly again, with nights of frost. It's November 2 and I haven't had the heat on yet, though I do have the heated mattress pad on the bed. I have debated turning on the furnace, but now it feels like some kind of test. Some people run marathons, I see how long I can go without the heat on.

Bonus of not having the heat running: the cats want to snuggle more. They aren't cold (as evidenced by the fact that they are both sprawled out on the living room floor right now), but they do seem a little more motivated to sit on my feet, curl up on my lap, and wiggle under the covers at night. It's like a little happiness in the midst of the reality that Winter Is Coming.

So, if anyone else out there is still doing the no-heater challenge (because you have a seriously warped sense of self, environment, money, and perfectionism, like I do), here are a few tips:

1. have pets that like to snuggle.
2. have lots of blankets at the ready.
3. keep slippers next to any hard-floored rooms. For instance, mine are at the entrance to the kitchen. Because the barefoot transition from carpet to kitchen floor is the fastest way to send me back to bed in the morning.
4. get someone to gift you a rice bag. (or, you know, make one yourself.)
5. heated mattress pad. It's the best thing about winter. Maybe the only good thing, actually.
6. You'll need a touch of stubborn insanity.
7. Make sure the heater works in your car. You'll need it for the drive to work. ;-)
8. Take up baking. Or at least cooking that requires you to stand near the hot stove. Bonus: deliciousness.
9. Snuggies look stupid but are amazing. You want one, trust me.
10. stock up on herbal/fruit teas, so you can stay warm at night without the caffeine burst. This is my current favorite.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go crawl into my pre-heated bed, and see how many more days until the furnace is absolutely necessary. :-)

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