Saturday, April 11, 2015

Reformation pilgrimage pictures...hopefully words later

Looking down the street in Wittenberg

I tried to get an action shot but they weren't willing to pretend to walk...except David. :-)

Flat Jesus knows who the real power in the house is...Katherina von Bora Luther

We don't even know what to do with so many Kartoffeln (potatoes). Barbara and I are now convinced we need a Kartoffelhaus (restaurant where everything has potatoes!)

Every town needs two massive churches next door to each other.

Watch out when you knock on the door of this church...

The door of the church where Meister Eckhart was prior of the abbey in the 1300s.


The tiny house movement....before it was a movement.

Monument to total depravity...Buchenwald concentration camp.

Sunset in Weimar


At the old bridge...I said "close people don't lean, farther down lean more." Some follow instructions... ;-)

I'm here too! Surrounded by ricklepickles and pcoppers.

I had every intention of taking a picture of my käsespaetzle (German macaroni and cheese, basically) but I ate it first.

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