Tuesday, June 03, 2003

CPM meeting went well. yay.
Am writing candidacy essays--due tonight...one more to go (oy) plus the revision of any that need revising. given that they've been written at an average rate of 45 minutes or less per essay, they probably need it.
leaving tomorrow morning. must pack.

grades came in today--and I'm all clear! woohoo! my GPA is a resounding 3.765...yay! an A in Church History puts me in the clear, scholarship-wise. I'm also going to get a good-student discount on my car insurance. This is a good thing.
big news on the car front: i'm getting the Explorer after all! apparently all my begging and pleading was simply a humiliation tactic on mom's part--she's been planning it as a surprise for a long while. hm. i'm glad...and thankful....yay!

anyway, i'm writing essays again. I have one hour left before I really must pack. one hour, one essay....should be good.

next time you hear from me, I'll be back in WA. oh boy. :-)


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