Monday, June 09, 2003

the epic road trip
day two

thankfully, i got to sleep an extra two hours over yesterday. i was so tired. even sleeping on the floor at joan and eddie's house was good. ha!
the drive through california to LA was decidedly less than exciting. several wineries, but it was early in the morning and we weren't about to stop for wine tasting at 9am. can you imagine? we saw a lot of...vineyards. and random bits of grass. and one oil well. about five feet off the freeway! very bizarre. essentially, the drive was thoroughly uneventful. mom drove all the way again. i didn't nap today though.
tomorrow is six flags magic mountain. yay! 12 hours open...probably a lot of hours we'll be in the park! good times.
well, after the four-alarm fire susan's dinner started in my mouth, and the huge mint chip milkshake i had at mothers, not to mention the hour-long trip around huntington beach and long beach seeing where mom and susan grew up, including schools, hang outs, and the beach...and more oil wells...i'm tired. it's a long day tomorrow with magic mountain, so i'm going to bed. i can hardly believe how tired i am! finally, i get to sleep in a bed. i never thought one night on a floor would be so traumatic. the main issue was that i was supposedly sleeping on this cushion from the deck chair, which is a chaise-lounge cushion. i also had a body pillow next to it, so it would be a little wider (the cushion was only maybe 18 inches wide). unfortunately, i turned over and went between the cushion and the pillow, and woke up that way. on the floor, basically. it would have been better to start on the floor instead, and at least not have the shattered illusions of the cushion--y promise!
right. bed. yay. :-)

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