Saturday, June 07, 2003

The Epic Road Trip

I've been in WA three days (including the day i flew in, after missing the plane and getting on a later one...long story involving the El and a forty-five-minute window to check luggage...which I missed...anyway). it turns out that I am getting the Explorer, which is great news. i'm so excited to have that car, you have no idea! anyway...the road trip begins.

Part I: preparation

the map is made.
the car is prepared: A/C fixed, ABS checked up and fixed, oil changed, car washed, windows Rain-Xed (just in case it should rain on our route through the desert in the summertime), digital compass installed and calibrated.
snacks, beverages, and other road trip essentials (sunscreen, emergency kit, etc) purchased and piled in dining room.
packing....not started. 9 hours.

the basic route is:
day 1: Yakima to Sacramento. 13 + hours.
day 2: Sacramento to Long Beach. 7-ish hours.
day 3: Magic Mountain.
day 4: Long Beach to Grand Canyon. 9-ish hours.
day 5: Grand Canyon, then to the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert. 5-ish hours driving.
day 6: St. Johns Arizona to Carlsbad Caverns (new mexico). 11 hours.
day 7: Carlsbad Caverns, early in the morning --> early afternoon. drive to Fort Stockton, TX. 4-ish hours.
day 8: Ft. Stockton to San Antonio, see the Alamo, drive on to the Woodlands (just north of houston). maybe 8 hours? i can't remember.
day 9: church...Amy's preaching!
day 10: six flags houston.
day 11: houston to new orleans. several hours.
day 12: new orleans to atlanta. 8 hours driving the speed limit, but honestly....after 12 days...who knows.

I'll be taking note of interesting or not interesting things along the way, and I'll post every day about the adventures of the Epic Road Trip. Watch this space!

in the meantime, i have to pack. excuse me. :-)

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