Thursday, June 19, 2003

ok, i'm back. here's the recap on the last few days.

day ten
Six Flags Astroworld. not as fun as magic mountain, but still fun. Highlight was definitely the barrell roll coaster--that was awesome!! there were no lines so we rode in the front on almost every ride. Mostly they weren't as fast as Magic Mountain, and not as thrill-ride-esque, but it was a good time. we were there when the park opened (10am) and we were out by 1, which is when the thunderstorms started and everything was shut down anyway. yay! The rest of the afternoon we just lazed about, planned the rest of the trip, did some shopping (re-stock of water and coke)...yeah. Amy made dinner--veggie lasagne, which was very good but which she left the spinach out of on accident. very funny! heheheh...we had spinach salad instead. :-)

day eleven
we left at 8:30, just as we planned, and drove to New Orleans via Avery Island. Avery Island is where they make Tabasco was very cool. Good times! New Orleans was busy, dirty, hot, and humid. we drove down Bourbon Street, we walked around a little in the East End of the French Quarter, went to Louie Armstrong Park to take a picture, and we moved on. We stayed in Slidell for the night.

day twelve
the end...the last 8 hours! We drove via Birmingham, Alabama to Atlanta. It was a pretty boring drive--lots of trees, amy and i slept while mom drove (no change there from the rest of the trip!), and one rainstorm so heavy that visibility was about 30 feet IF the car in front of you had their flashers on. We got to Atlanta around 8-ish Eastern Time. yay! we're here.

mom's still here, and prolly will be through the weekend. i'm going to a wedding in Johnson City, Tennessee this weekend and will be back Sunday night...then we're going to Six Flags Over Georgia on Monday! woohoo! :-)

there will be a complete stat list from the trip coming up tonight. watch this space!! :-)

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