Monday, July 07, 2003

as a preface to this post, i would like to point out that i use the word "hate" particularly sparingly, as it is a strong word not to be bandied about lightly.

12 things i hate

1. my CPM
2. rain that comes down hard, floods things, and never seems to end. particularly if it is simultaneoulsy sunny.
3. brussels sprouts.
4. meat.
5. some orange foods. most orange foods only get "dislike" to "strongly dislike" but some, like oranges, get hate.
6. my CPM
7. the campus calendar that won't load on my work study office computer.
8. getting up too early. the time of "too early" varies.
9. people who are utterly incompetent, who don't listen or read before asking questions, who try to sound smart when they aren't, and...did i already mention incompetence?
10. My CPM
11. people who aren't nice.
12. when the mail doesn't come when it's supposed to. like my new phone, which should have arrived last week but isn't here yet.

15 things i love

1. my friends.
2. my family, most of the time. most of them.
3. my church (at home).
4. sunshine, but not humidity.
5. Carole Norton, the only nice person that has anything to do with the CPM. good thing she's not a committee member.
6. Hebrew.
7. The Old Testament, mostly, especially Isaiah. even the mean parts, because it's so beautifully said.
8. preaching
9. sleeping
10. ice cream. tonight is the ice cream social at the church across the street. it may be the only time all year i'm early to something.
11. mashed potatoes, with lots of butter.
12. garlic bread.
13. kittens.
14. brown paper packages tied up with strings.
15. people who do their jobs, tell you exactly what needs to be done when, and who are nice.

4 things i'm indifferent about
1. greek.
2. homework.
3. grilled cheese sandwiches.
4. salad. it's on the hate list, though, the minute someone says "i'm sure they have salad" in response to the query about the vegetarian-friendliness of a restaurant proposed for plans.

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