Monday, July 21, 2003

ok...have been to chicago and back, to orlando and back, and i think i am now stationary for the remainder of the summer. woohoo!

Chicago was good...there's an H&M moving in where FAO Schwartz used to be...i love chicago. i love my church most of the time. calum's installation service was EXCELLENT, as was the surprise of me being there. hehehe! bradley also flew in as a surprise, which was most excellent. the committee meeting ended well in spite of the statement by the committee chair that I am "very young...we've never had someone so young under care of our committee before." whatever that means. oy.

orlando was fun...the weather is basically the same as here. the drive (about 7-8 hours, depending on how fast you drive. it took me 7) was boring...the wedding was nice except for the southern baptist pastor who kept saying things about "a beautiful young woman and a handsome young man"...even in his prayers...and who stated that the purpose of marriage between a man and a woman is to keep man from acting out his lustful desires or some such statement. other than that, it was very nice. allison is officially married now--how exciting! i got to see some school people, too, which was good. I also visited Downtown Disney, but I didn't go to any of the parks (no time or $$). anyway, it was fine.

all in all, a really busy week. i've traveled about 3000 miles in the last seven days, visited lots of people, and done almost no homework. so now, i WILL do that. I will. really.

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