Thursday, July 03, 2003

there will be no funeral, but we are all very sad. thanks for all your condolences....who will i write letters to now? no one, i suppose.

in other news, i saw Legally Blonde 2 yesterday. hilarious.
and in still other news, i got 100% on my first two greek quizzes. so far greek is not hard. it helps, of course, that i studied some greek before.

in yet other news, i'm going to chicago in 10 days. yay!

and, indeed, other news states that we are all crazy and The Chicas now have a four-person blog. good grief!

and, finally, my last piece of news for this entry is that it's not nice to be smarter than other people. so there. no one is allowed to be smarter than me. good thing the chicas are all of equal intelligence, eh?

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