Monday, July 07, 2003

hola, all. happy sunday.
planned to go to church today, but church apparently unexpectedly started at 10 instead of 11. whatever.
greek again tomorrow. but in the meantime, good good food tonight. yay! stuffed zucchini and garlic bread--yum yum!

it's hot. it's humid. it's time for the ceiling fan--thank goodness!

I haven't exactly followed the news the last few days, so i can't comment on any of it, but i'm sure someone, somewhere, is doing something retarded. we can just rest assured that that someone is probably located near Washington DC.

so, just so y'all know, talking to cats is innefective. saying "we don't bite" probably doesn't get you very far.

amy says we ought to watch a movie when i've finished my "business" so i feel like i should try to download some porn or something. naturally i won't...i mean, this is Katie's computer. heheheh!

i'm very full but i'm feeling the ice cream. d'you feel that, d'you feel that?

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