Saturday, February 21, 2004

David Lamotte concert

I saw David Lamotte on Thursday night. He's so excellent. I love him. I got some new CD's, actually, because I like him so much.
My friend Jason also likes him very much, so it was a good evening. :-)

In other news, just to catch up:
1. Ollie is home. She has been spayed. She still has a cone on her head, for a few more days (until probably Tuesday) to keep her from pulling on her stitches. She is doing well and is substantially calmer than she was before. However, she can't see anything because she has a cone on her head. This may impact her calmness. it would mine.

2. My car is broken again. Something with fuel injectors (bad) and a leaking transmission (also bad). I am in a rental car from Enterprise until it is working again. Hopefully not more than a week!

3. Driving a Neon is very different from driving an Explorer. I feel like I am driving a go-kart.

4. The youth mission trip is on its way to reality--fundraising has begun in earnest. As has my going crazy. yippee!

5. I am very very poor, because the cat is very very expensive. As is renting a car.

6. The trip to Chicago was fab, in my opinion, because I got to see all my friends and fave places and restaurants. Including the Chicago Diner! woohoo! Noell didn't think her interview went well, though, because the woman was obnoxious, uninformed, and hung up on one issue that is nowhere noted in the literature of the school. oy.

7. I am very behind on homework and must go do some very soon.

8. I can't seem to get my act together when it comes to getting photos from youth group developed.

9. Lent begins on Wednesday the 25th. Go to church, people! I want to see everyone walking around with ashes, ok?

10. I don't actually have a 10...but this list needed to be ten. so it is.

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