Saturday, February 21, 2004

It looks like I am going to Scotland...

at least I hope so! I have a long list of potential churches. All I have to do is:
1. send brilliantly written letter (via email) to the short list, asking for more info and asking to be taken on as an 'assistant minister' for september-august.
2. deal with school issues (for being gone, etc) and housing for the summer.
3. raise $12,000 before I go, including money for travel and living. I'm praying HARD that the church I go to serve will be able to provide housing. Really hard. the end of #3, I have set up a paypal account. If you would like to help me realize my dream of living in Scotland for a year, serving the church, meeting people and forming relationships across cultural boundaries, and learning about church life and myself, please use the "make a donation" button there on the left.

Want more info? email me!

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