Thursday, February 26, 2004

oh the weather outside is frightful...

so it snowed here last night. In Atlanta. about an inch of accumulated snow on the ground. Today public schools, daycares, offices, universities are all closed. The seminary is operating on a "two hour delay". Life has shut down. All over an inch of snow.

Kind of ridiculous, this whole snow thing. I mean really, people, it's a little wet slush--just get over it and get here! Out of control. People in the south obviously have no snow experience, which is really funny, so they're all freaked out, can't drive, don't know how to operate in everyday life, can't walk, don't have clothes for this weather, and can't figure out how to scrape snow off the top (not just the windows) of cars. oy!

It's also kind of funny...and good, actually, because I didn't do all the reading for class today and was planning on finishing during breakfast--then I didn't have to!! :-)

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