Monday, May 21, 2007


Confirmation today was awesome. Yes, my anxiety level was a little out of control, no I didn't really sleep last night, yes everyone was really was great. The class did a great job following directions and we had a wonderful time even with the logistical nightmare of anointing the entire congregation in the pews--which turned out to be a really incredible symbol and experience. The sermon worked (and was apparently better than I thought it was, at least according to a few people I really trust). The sanctuary was packed and we even had overflow in the lounge downstairs. It was a great day. Even with me forgetting some things and fitting them in later, it worked.

Alan, Alex, Amber, Anna, Carl, Charlie, Collin, Connor, Grayson, Jon, Kayleigh, Kelli, Laura, Mack, Matt, Matt, Norma, Paul, Samantha, and Stacy, it was a privilege to share this part of the journey with you. I hope your adventures in faith and life are wonderful.


  1. HOORAY - sounds like the Spirit was very present in the midst of it all, Teri. So glad that it was such an affirming experience for all.

    When we did the confirmation prayer - I invited the congregation to reach out to their neighbors and join us in laying hands upon one another - which also goes well as the mentors are doing so for the confirmands - a reminder that we are on this journey together. I want to know more sometime about the congregational annointing, too.

    Enjoy a quieter Monday!

  2. Teri, after reading your confirmation "stories," I'm so happy that the day went well and was meaningful! You'll definitely have to share more about the congregational annointing sometime! It sounds wonderful! --Karla

  3. way to go, terri! I think confirmation class is so great!
    hard work, lots of time, lots of prep...but worth it!

  4. Teri, thanks for your comment on my blog! I hope you'll stop by again!
    I enjoyed your slide show.