Thursday, May 10, 2007

spring has sprung

The trees that bloom are blooming and there are tree flower petals everywhere. It's gorgeous. And maybe makes me a little sneezy.
The sun has been out and it's getting warm--in the 70's and it feels hot.
The birds are still singing even though the sun is going down.
You can't see the church from the local college anymore because there are leaves on the trees now.
I need to buy a fan for my bedroom and maybe one for my living room too (though I could just move it from room to room--I live alone, after all).
We are switching over from spring green to summer green. It's great.
Confirmation class only lasts one more week.
Several of the youth in my church are graduating very soon. Crazy.
I need summer shoes.
It's only a month until I start getting super-fresh organic veggies from a local farm. I'm very excited.
I actually had to use the air conditioning in my car today.
The Freeze is open and it's beautiful. Many flavors of soft serve, all in one place. Mixed fresh for you. cheap. a mile from my house. local. "low fat." Did I mention beautiful?

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  1. The Freeze, eh? Sounds yummy as well as beautiful. Celebrate the conclusion of confirm - as I am on the 20th! Enjoy the greening of spring/summer.