Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday Five: The Big Event

From the RevGals...

Big Event Edition of the Friday Five

Did you know that the major purpose for forming a non-profit, RevGalBlogPals Inc, was to be able to attract grant support for a large scale RevGalBlogPal meetup? My dream from the beginning has been attracting financial support that would allow as many of our bloggers to be together as possible.

RGBP, Inc. now has a planning committee, and we are in the early stages of planning the RevGalBlogPal Big Event. What, When, Where and Who are all on the table at the moment. In that spirit, I bring you the Big Event Friday Five.

1. What would the meeting be like? (Continuing Ed? Retreat? Outside Speakers? Interest Groups? Workshops? Hot Stone Massages? Pedicures? Glorified Slumber Party?)
I'm all for a glorified slumber party that includes massages, pedicures, fun, food, and small groups or fun workshops--that sounds like a retreat to me!

2. When in 2008 might you be able to attend? January? Shortly after Easter? Summer? Fall? Some other time?
Ummm...I can go almost any time other pastors can go. April sounds good to me, though I don't know what the CTS Colloquium topic is for next year so I might want to go to that too (it's usually the week after the week after easter...) also keep in mind that for those of us who are associates, spring is hard because we often work with youth and that turns into crunch time for many of our youth (confirmation, plays, musicals, sports, Youth Sunday, etc) so we are a little busy by the end of April/May...

3. Where would your dream meeting location be? (Urban Hotel? Rural Retreat Center? New England Camp? Southwestern Fantasy Hotel? Far away from civilization? Nearby Outlets or Really Great Thrift Stores?)
I care not as long as it's either a) not too ridiculously far from an airport or b) not so far from here (there's lots of great stuff near here....since I live near Chicago but also near the country, etc...). I'm not so outdoorsy, but if there are showers, I can survive. I personally am kind of a city girl...I like to take walks in cities. and I also like beaches.

4. Who would make a great keynote speaker? (That's if #1 leads us in that direction.)
I think keynote speakers are often boring. I would rather we talked amongst ourselves, honestly. I love the suggestion of Anne Lamott, though I heard her on the radio once and was disappointed in her public speaking. What if we had someone who came and mingled and such rather than a traditional lecture? we could be very post-modern and emerging (or something).

5. Did I leave out something you want to suggest?
ice cream!! :-) and lots of different styles of worship. And nothing too early in the morning.

Dream big for the Big Event!!!


  1. I should TOTALLY be the keynote speaker at that thing! I would even lead a workshop on hand dancing.

    But we'd have to do something about the name of the event. My suggestion: The Pastoral Madames Symposium. We could call it PMS '07 for short.

    Wow. I'm awesome. It's for things like this that you wanted to be my friend in the first place, right?

  2. Hi Teri..
    I like your idea about having different styles of worship.

    And if you're naturally melodramatic, I'll have to cast you in a play......Hmmmmm I'm thinking a Tamara theme here.

  3. Thanks for those thoughts on worship, we'll have to keep that in mind.

  4. ice cream and nothing too early in the morning...

    Amen and amen.

  5. yay for beaches, for hot showers and for lie ins- wow this is comming together :-)

  6. Good thinking. I am all for nothing early in the morning. I like the idea of different styles of worship.