Saturday, May 05, 2007

random dots of a random day

  • I love going to the Taize service in Oak Park. It makes me happy. Tonight my soul was full while I was driving home. I wasn't even (very) irritated at the minivan driver who insisted on driving 55 in the left lane for many miles on I290.
  • Is it bad that this story gives me a little bit of inner glee? probably. But it's worth it.
  • I spent the day in Oak Park and it was lovely. I read most of a book about ethical food choices while sitting in an independent bookstore, then had a nice dinner while reading a novel about discovering gnostic gospels or something (whatever, it's lame, but it's set in Cairo, which is why I bought it...). I walked around a lot today. It was nice out.
  • I have a sermon, but it's not good. tomorrow morning I'm doing a re-write. I have a plan, but I don't want to write it right now because I'm tired.
  • If I'm so tired, you might ask, why am I blogging instead of being in bed? Answer: laundry. I have to switch my clothes into the dryer before going to bed. soon and very soon.
  • One of my cats is psychotic. he eats and then paws the floor around his dish (the way they do in the litter box to cover things up...except he hasn't mastered that so he paws outside the box, apparently hoping that litter will magically move inside the box even if he's not touching it...). I don't get that. It's a new development, too.
  • Speaking of cats, either my cats are getting bigger or Richard's cats are losing weight. When I went over there the other day I mistook the larger cat for the smaller one. Hard to do the first time, when I saw Theo back in the fall he had three chins, I swear.
  • I have a new reason to go visit Lake Geneva--to scope out the facility for the presbytery's senior high retreat. we're using a new facility this year and so someone needs to go look at it. that's me! yay, Lake Geneva! I'm coming to you sometime in summer! woohoo! LG is only 35 minutes away, which is awesome. I love it.
  • sleepy...


  1. Oh my gosh Teri, THANK YOU - I thought I was the only one with a smirk on my face every time I read that headline - YEAH!

  2. heh...we just had a conversation about this in know, over the walls and all...I can't believe she is saying it is unfair. If she WASN'T a celeb, she would have gotten MORE time!!

    PS - come visit my blog...there is someone you should meet ;)