Wednesday, May 09, 2007

more about food...

so it's no secret that I love food.
Mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, pizza, gardenburgers, stir-fry, pad thai with tofu, grilled cheese with tomato, ice cream...mmm.....and now I'm part of a CSA co-op here in my area. A local organic farm sells 50 shares of its produce every summer. Each week, beginning in a month!, I'll go out to the farm and pick up a 5/8 bushel box of veggies, which I'll share with my lovely friend Sherri (and some of which might get frozen for winter). mmm, local fresh organic veggies. yum.

It's also no secret that justice is important to me. And it makes me sad how many people are hungry in the world, and right here in my own town.

At the 30 Hour Famine, RCLPC youth collected enough money to feed almost 9 children for a whole year, and they collected 70 pounds of food for our local food pantry on our one-hour scavenger hunt.

If you're looking for a way to help, try this out. Just put canned items next to your mailbox on Saturday and your mailman (mailwoman) (I think "letter carrier" is the newly appropriate term) will take it away and it will go to feed hungry people right there in your own community. Pretty awesome, pretty easy. Just do it. Hungry people thank you. Cuz hunger isn't just a winter issue. and not everyone can afford the $500 co-op.

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