Friday, February 15, 2008

oh, no....why? no. oh.

oh...what a horrible day.
The shooting at it's with fatalities.

Ugh. This is so ridiculously awful. Can't kids even go to class without random strangers (who aren't even students) walking out from behind a teacher and shooting up the class? (update: the shooter was apparently a grad student last year, but is not enrolled currently.)

Again...and again...these things happen and they just shouldn't...

Our RCLPC students are all okay--shaken, but okay. 22 students aren't. 6 of them, including the gunman, are dead, 6 have been released from the hospital, and the others....we wait to hear. Prayers for all of them and their families. Prayers for the students at NIU and at schools and colleges around the country who are shaken and grieving. Prayers for peace in our world. Prayers for peace in the minds and hearts and souls of those who think these things will make it better...

update: Are You KIDDING me? When are you people just going to go away? Word on the street is that they plan to protest the funerals.
It's a good thing that God is love, because WOW am I not able to love these people.


  1. 22 now. un freaking believable.

  2. I hadn't heard about the protest; I'm a little bit sick right now about that. Is there a way to counter-protest?

  3. There are plans being made on facebook to dress in white and to take big signs that say "God is love" and then to surround the WBC protestors (like white erasers) and cover up their hateful message with messages of love. I'm not sure whether funerals will be held at NIU or at the people's home churches, though, so I don't know quite how it's all going to work out.

    The main problem is that any engagement with WBC is dangerous in that they are generally funded by lawsuits against counter-protesters. So people will have to be careful not to talk to them, just cover their messages with new ones supporting the families.