Thursday, February 14, 2008

you know you're a slacker when....

...your personal trainer (whom you have not seen in weeks, and haven't gotten a workout update from in months) calls you, on your cell phone, at 9am to say "when are you coming back to the gym?" When you respond, "probably Monday, Monday seems like a good time to get back into a good routine..." then he says, "what about Friday? I think Friday is a good time. Plus, what luck! It's tomorrow! See you at 8?" Your slacker response: "how about 9?" yeah.'s Thursday and you haven't finished the bulletin for Sunday in spite of the fact it was due yesterday. know you're having people over in the evening and you think "I'll just check my Scrabulous games on facebook before I vacuum before I go to work...." and then suddenly it's 10.30am and you really should be in the office already. Vacuum shmacuum. It's just cat hair. on everything.

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