Friday, February 01, 2008


Amazing Grace, the movie.

I just saw it, for the first time.
As the credits were rolling, I added it to my Amazon cart.

It's that good.
The soundtrack is wonderful. The acting is pretty darn good. The costumes are great. And the way the characters develop and the story is told...impressive.

Not to mention the bagpipes at the end....

I'm planning to use it in the confirmation lock-in tomorrow, and may use it in regular youth group soon as well. If/when I do, I'll post more about that.


Also amazing: the way y'all have come through for me on the Aveda front! thanks!

PS...I didn't cry at all in the movie Amazing Grace, which was something of a surprise to me. But right after that I watched Bridge to Terabithia and cried like a baby. The part where Jess thinks it's all his fault? Right on. The dad saying "it's gonna be okay"? Exactly the wrong thing that people always say. The dad saying "it's just a bad thing; it don't make no sense" and "I don't know much about God but I know God won't send that girl to hell"--right on. Jess punching the kid in class? Also right on, and I'm about nonviolence. Just saying.
Okay, I have to go to bed now....


  1. Amazing Grace would be a wonderful film to use with the youth -- for many purposes. I'll be interested to read how the kids react to it.

    It certainly is one of the best films I have seen in years.

  2. Amazing Grace is.. amazing and will make a great movie with youth. The line that stuck with me was something to the effect of when they brand you, they are telling you that you are no longer a child of God- you belong to them - spoken by the freed man.

  3. Haven't seen AG yet but want too - LOVED Bridge, although I saw it before I read it(and I prefer to read first usually). Let me know how it was received at confirmation, OK?