Saturday, October 12, 2013

unnamed obnoxious virus 2013, by the numbers

look how happy and cute they look. I hate them.

14: number of days I've been sick so far

3: number of work days missed

3: number of meetings missed

3: number of days I went to work but was so unproductive it's unbelievable

2: bottles of cough/cold syrup

2: sermons written under the influence of cold medicine (possibly soon to be three.)

150: approximate number of Advils taken (incl. the cold-and-sinus kind) (yes, I did the math on this, so it's close)

1: pointless visit to the doctor, where they said "that sucks, you'll just have to wait it out" about my throat being so inflamed and sore that I could not swallow

0: minutes of exercise in the past two weeks

4/2: pillows washed/pillows that became lumpy

6: loads of laundry done in attempt to de-germ house, and therefore not including clothes

1: times Fred has been washed in his entire life (and therefore a real indicator of how sick I was...driven to desperation) 

2.5: symptoms still hanging around even though I'm SO OVER THIS. (left ear still plugged and kinda hurting, left side of throat still sore but in a different way than before, and I'm So. Tired.)
Edited: make that three...still coughing.

4 bajillion: number of whiny Facebook status updates, tweets, text messages, and statements made to the cats

7: number of days left until I get on a plane and can't be taking this with me


  1. So how did you look so beautiful and radiant on Sunday night ?!

    1. excitement about meeting the two of you, combined with the miracle of Advil Cold and Sinus. :-)