Sunday, April 27, 2003

I am desperately looking for the perfect word.
it has undertones (or overtones) of/implicitly and explicitly says all these things:
trespass, intrusion, encroachment, impinge, infringe, audacity, effrontery, insult.

does anyone know this word? please say yes. before tuesday. i need it for my sermon. might need a little context. 2 Samuel 6. Uzzah reaches out and touches the ark, and God strikes him dead.
so the sentences in the sermon look something like this (right now):
The cart is shaking, maybe trembling or even rattling...and the ark seems to be shifting around a bit. The parade arrives on some level ground, a threshing floor, and Uzzah takes the opportunity to remedy the problem, at least a little. He reaches out his non-ritually purified hand and takes hold of the ark to steady it, and God is furious about this ________. (or, God is infuriated by his _______.)

any ideas? please? i'm so sidetracked by this word that i can't quite get--it's on the edge of my brain somewhere, the tip of my tongue, the border of my consciousness, etc....and i just can't quite get it--that i can't even move on and work on the rest of the sermon. this is bad because i have a good four pages left to write. at least. there's a lot of ground to cover still, and i'm not there yet! help me!

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