Thursday, April 17, 2003

i'm finding it very difficult to sit up straight right now.
I want to slouch and slouch until i'm horizontal, sleeping. even here on the floor of the computer lab.
although, really, you never know where people's feet (or shoes) have been, so maybe not.
maybe the sofa in the social room just down the hall.
or better yet, my own bed.
maybe i should stop procrastinating and just finish the dumb paper.
but i don't want to sit up straight anymore, i want to slouch. and i don't think as well slouching.
also it's bad for your back. supposedly.
it's almost 2am.
oh dear...6 hours 30 minutes until the paper is due.
why, i ask myself, didn't i start earlier?
i was sick...i was recovering from spring break...i was was sunny outside...i didn't want to sit up straight...
notice i can type forever here and yet my paper is not getting any closer to done.

i'll do it. i'll sit up straight, i'll write the paper, and the outline, and the chart, and i'll let y'all know when it's really truly finished.


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