Saturday, April 12, 2003

I have a Very Bad sunburn.
I feel like the building/ground/room is swaying/rocking like a boat.
I had the best spring break of my life.
it was awesome.
especially when I heard that it has been raining up here ALL WEEK LONG. And I was basking in the sun (too much basking, too much sun, not enough sunscreen obviously, and not enough ice cream either..hmm.), relaxing, enjoying some time in Key West and in Cozumel Mexico, eating WAY too much, dancing, eating, eating, sitting in the sun, playing around, eating...
it was a fantastic week. except for the day the boat rocked so much that there were maybe 10 people on the entire boat who weren't feeling seasick. and even that day was good, because i just laid on the deck all afternoon, eating french fries or pizza occasionally, drinking coke, reading a fluff book, napping...etc.
it was a good week. :-)
happy weekend to all. i have to go unpack, and maybe do some laundry. definitely do some laundry.

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