Thursday, April 24, 2003

two tasks for tomorrow down, three to go.
those three would be:
1. 2 Samuel 3.1-39...translated.
2. Memorize a bunch of stuff for preaching/worship class
3. watch Dawson's Creek.

the two things I have accomplished today?
1. Read "any 100 pages" of a book for exegesis class. no, not just any book, a specific book, about 1 Samuel.
2. An analysis (chart and word study) of 1 Samuel 25.23-42.

see, i've been working today! I even slept in because we didn't have class. ("slept in"=8:15, but that's an extra hour!)

right...Dawson's is in an hour I think. time to get to work of the things i'm supposed to do. isn't it sad to be living so day-to-day? i have a gazillion things to do between now and the end of school, and they are so many that i simply have to do it one day at a time. planning ahead? WHATEVER.

maybe tomorrow.

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