Monday, April 21, 2003

so, it's a little late, but give me a break, i was at church early and i napped in the afternoon and now i'm writing a paper. in any case, here's a hymn for easter (or any morning, really) for you. it's from the Iona Community and the tune is a celtic one that i don't know the name of, but it's very lovely. i'll post that info tomorrow....anyway...

"I Owe My Lord a Morning Song"

I owe my Lord a morning song
For God has meant this day.
Through fears of night and hidden light,
God moves and wills my way.

I owe my Lord a morning song
For Jesus rose at dawn.
He made death die and would not lie,
That others might live on.

I owe my Lord a morning song
The Spirit gave me voice.
Nor did she force my sould to praise
But honored me with choice.

I owe my Lord a morning song
How can I help but sing
When God is all in all and I
Am one with every thing.


back to the paper now. happy easter!

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