Wednesday, October 05, 2005

adventures....a post from yesterday

(we didn't have internet yesterday, so I'm posting this on when it says "yesterday" that means Monday, and "tomorrow" means Wednesday...yeah...)

Last night I had a very exciting experience: I made my cinematic debut! Well, I recorded the narration in English for a video for a non-governmental organization. That counts. The video is kind of like a fundraising/prayer request/recruiting video for the Arabic Christian Centre in London. The Better Life Association in Minya is closely related to the Centre and is the organization that got me involved. (Well, actually, they called Carole looking for someone with an American accent and I happened to be standing nearby at the time.)

I was picked up from RCG and taken up on a hill to the Sat7 studio. Sat7 is the local satellite TV station run by and for Christians in Egypt. When the station was first started several years ago, some of the non-Christians were really upset and there was a fire at the studio, causing the entire thing to be condemned and requiring a complete rebuilding. They needed to raise money all over again, and many people donated things like their personal jewelry in order to have the station. Now it is stable, well funded, and even mildly popular, at least among the Christians who have satellite TV. Their studio was very modern and technologically up to date—it was quite exciting to be in a TV studio and to be the one working, not just touring! I went into the studio, received a script and a set of headphones and off we went! It took about an hour to record the narration for the video three times in different moods and with no rustling sound as I turned pages on my script. The recording technician/editor (Andrew) then put it all together nicely and the NGO people will add it to the video clips they have. Andrew said I had a lovely voice and that I don’t have much accent—I explained that west-coasters don’t really have an accent, unlike many other parts of the country (think South, Midwest, Boston, New York, Texas, etc). In fact, studies show that west-coast-americans have the clearest and most understandable English, so apparently I was a good choice/excellent coincidence! The whole narration is probably 10 minutes long, and the video maybe 20 or so minutes. It was a great time and I also got to meet people in the process! Good times. SO…..since this video is being made to show to Americans (in hopes of getting funding and missionaries) maybe one day you’ll see it, and you’ll say “hey, that’s Teri! I knew her when…” yay. ?

In other news, I went to the suuk today and picked up a pound of green beans, two pounds of zucchini, a pound of tomatoes, and half a pound of green bell peppers for approximately 75 cents US. So excellent! Then I spent 1.25 on two pounds of pears, but they were worth it I think. Very good pears. Anyway…tonight Sarah and Jason and I made a great dinner: white sticky rice with a tomato sauce chock-full of veggies, and a side of green beans sautéed with balsamic vinegar. YUM!

Still more news: tomorrow Jason is headed to Alexandria for work, and Sarah and Jay and I all have a few days off so we’re going too! October 6th (Thursday) is a national holiday here—to celebrate the liberation of the Sinai from Israeli occupation. As far as I can remember, during the six day war Israel attacked and took the Sinai (as well as the Golan Heights). Then, later Egypt took it back. Anyway, now it’s sometimes referred to as Armed Services Day. Basically, it’s a Memorial Day/Veterans Day kind of thing. No school, no government offices are open, nothing’s really open. Sarah and I will ride the 7pm train to Alex, arriving at 9pm. Jay will come on Thursday morning. I’ll be back in Cairo Friday night (gotta work Saturday), and Sarah will be back Saturday. It will be so fun to get out of the pollution for a little while, to go to the Mediterranean, and to see Jen and Jennifer in their new home. They left on Monday to move to Alex for the rest of the year. Stephen and Eric left this morning for Minya, and we probably won’t see them for at least a month. It’s strange to be around here with half our group gone…so it will be nice to see a couple of them for a few days in their new surroundings!

Probably no internet while I’m gone, so…enjoy the Egyptian holiday in the middle of your work week!


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