Friday, October 28, 2005

something interesting and humbling

I've never really thought about this this way. Usually I think about how poor I am, whether I'll be able to pay rent and phone and cat food and people food. This calculation is based on my YAV stipend, which is even less than a real paycheck (since they give us housing and all, and we're living simply in a foreign culture).

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I'm loaded.
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I'm the 892,729,625 richest person on earth!

The average Egyptian my age :

I'm the 4,997,590,362 richest person on earth!

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Quite a discrepancy. The average annual salary for an egyptian woman age 25 is approximately two months of my stipend. Granted, if she were unmarried (as I am) she would live at home and would be completely provided for, but still. oy.

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