Sunday, October 09, 2005


This past week included a holiday--the 6th of October--so I had two days off together (a rare and happy occurrence in the life of an RCG teacher!). I took the opportunity to go visit Jen and Jennifer in did Jay and Sarah! Jason was already there for work, so all four of us Cairo-ites were up in Alex for the weekend. It was beautiful--blue sky, blue Mediterranean Sea, clean air, nice people, and our friends to hang out with! We walked around the town, exploring Jen/Jen's neighborhood. They just arrived there on monday and we arrived Wednesday evening, so we had a lot of exploring to do! We walked on the corniche (the waterfront), we ate, we chatted, we hung out, we watched Buffy, we cooked together (pasta and garlic bread Thursday night, and Jason and I made an excellent pancakes-hashbrowns-eggs breakfast Friday morning), we slept, we had an all-around great time! We rode the tram places, we met people, we even entertained for some prayer-conference-goers (the conference Jason was there for...people unexpectedly showed up and we had to serve tea and whatnot..luckily Jay had brought a torta so we served that!). It was an all around good time. I hope to visit Alexandria several more times this year--anytime I can! It's only 44 pounds round trip to go on the train (with my new International Student ID card!), which is about 7.65 US. A good deal! We had a lot of fun. Alex is a place where people are used to tourists, so there's a lot less staring-at-the-white-people. There's less traffic, which unfortunately means that cars move faster. (no, we didn't get hit...we just feared getting hit more there than here.) Anyway, I don't have a ton to say because we were there only two days and didn't get to any of the major attractions (the library, the museums, the amphitheatre, etc.), partially due to lack of time, partially for local-neighborhood-exploration, and partly for sheer relaxation. Next time...

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