Sunday, October 16, 2005


my birthday is this Friday, the 21st (which you probably already know).
Some people have asked what they can do.
*You can send me a card. I won't get it for a while at this point, but I love mail and there is absolutely no shame in me spreading my birthday out for as long as the mail takes! Email me for the address if you don't already have it.
*You cannot send me a present or package. The customs people will open it and possibly steal it. If they don't steal it, they'll probably ask me to pay for it. This means you should not use my Amazon wishlist this year. sorry, folks.
*You can send me magazines in flat brown envelopes. I like Cosmo. (yes, I'm a dork, but I have to get some fluff somewhere!) We get Oprah, Time, and Newsweek (eventually). Again, email me for the address.
*If you are one of those bizarre people who insist that presents are required, you can send one for my parents. They need it more than I do, and frankly they probably deserve a present more because they've put up with me (and made me into the fabulous person I am) for 25 years. Email me for the address.
*If you are desperate to give me something, you can email me to ask for details about how to contribute to our Christmas trip to Bethlehem and Jerusalem.

Thank you for thinking of me as I have a birthday far away from home!
Thank you also for thinking of my mom as she is very sick on my birthday for the first time.

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