Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Happy Birthday to MEEEE!!!!

It's not my birthday right now. It's my birthday on October 21st. I know that sounds like a long time from now, but it's not when you are talking about New England bed-and-breakfast reservations!
That's right...for my birthday, my dad has made me reservations at Snowvillage Inn, for the White Mountain Cooking School. (You may have seen them on the Food Network; they're famous for chocolate-cooking weekends.) The weekend of my birthday (OCt. 20-22) they are having a Vegetarian Cooking Weekend!!! How perfect is that? It's providence, I tell you, providence. The place looks beautiful, I'm excited to learn more about cooking, and Jason is going to come too (but not cook because he's not into that). woohoo! Thanks dad.

In other news (still about presents!): It was Mother's Day in Egypt yesterday. The girls at RCG give presents to their teachers on Mother's Day, because we are like mothers to them or something? Anyway, most of the teachers had bags and bags of loot. I have received 6 presents so far this week: two bottles of perfume (one nice, one kind of old-lady), one can of cologne spray, a mug that has hearts on it and says things like "dear mother, we love you!" and "you're a great mom" and stuff like that, one 3-D picture in a frame (looks like it's from Target! I miss Target.), and a really beautiful candle-holder--silver metal butterflies dancing around a blue glass cup with a white candle inside. I've also received one styrofoam heart colored red, one heart-on-a-stick, and one red carnation. And, of course, lots and lots of "happy Mother's Day Mrs. Teri" and lots of kisses on the cheeks and lots of hugs. Nice. I even had one girl tell me to wish my mother a happy mother's day. So mom, there you have it: Happy Egyptian Mother's Day. I hope you're enjoying it. I love you.

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