Tuesday, March 28, 2006


as if i hadn't been away enough (between thursday evening's 9 hour jaunt to the delta, friday and saturday's trip to minya with Habitat for Humanity, which I'll write about later, I've barely been home!), tonight Jason and I are heading out of Cairo to Sallum. Sallum is a town on the Mediterranean coast and the Libyan border. Why would we go there? Well, because tomorrow at noon there will be a total eclipse of the sun there. Very exciting! After that's finished, we'll head to Siwa, the famous oasis with the oracle and whatnot. We'll spend the night, poke around the town (and said oracle) during the day, sleep in the desert Thursday night, and be on our way home on Friday. At least, that's the hope/plan.

So I'll be away a few days. I should be back Friday night or Saturday morning. Hopefully we'll have internet when I get home (the weekend is a notorious time for power and internet outages here) and I can tell you all about it ASAP. :-) In the meantime, please: travelling prayers!


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