Monday, January 01, 2007

marching band

Okay, so I know that the old-style (what I would call "Real" but is actually known as "big ten" style) marching is so out and everyone is doing the "marching" (glide step) that looks like walking these days, but honestly.
Regardless of step style, am I asking so much that marching bands in major parades at least walk in straight lines? In both the Macy's parade and the Rose Parade I have watched top-tier "marching" bands that can't even keep their lines straight when they're NOT playing, let alone when they are. Where are my high school band teacher and our kinda anal drum majors to whip them into shape? I mean, really. It's a marching band, people. Where are the diagonals? Oh wait, they don't exist because there aren't any lines.

Now that that's out of my system...I suppose I can move on in life. :-)

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