Monday, January 15, 2007

a new adventure?

Right now I am desperately wishing I knew more of the matriarchs of RGBP personally, or had phone numbers for them.
Senior Pastor's daughter is sick. throw-uppy sick.
There is a session meeting tonight.
As "another minister of this presbytery" I have been invited to moderate said session meeting.
I feel some mild anxiety about this as it's not only my first one to moderate but also the meeting in which we need to discuss/approve the budget.

A new adventure indeed....every day, a new adventure.

In other news, I saw Charlotte's Web this afternoon. It was great. I cried. I was reminded why I don't watch Animal Planet anymore. And it was a beautiful movie. I can see why Richard's sermon was about the movie this weekend. :-)

More news: I was installed yesterday. It was great. Numerous thanks to the people from all over who agreed to serve on the commission--some of you are real life savers! The reception was wonderful--many thanks to the extremely talented women who baked, the people who set up and cleaned up, and the APNC and God for bringing me here. And I am so happy that last presbytery hoop is jumped.

That's all.

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