Monday, January 22, 2007

snow and ice

it's covering the lots of the country--some places used to it, some not.
I think we are supposed to fall into the "used to it" category here.
However, yesterday while heavy wet snow was falling onto frozen roads, the crews were not out in the full force one would hope. Instead, the roads, especially the ones that are not the two main roads in this town, were blanketed with snow and ice--though it didn't look that bad, it was extremely slippery.

Slippery enough that my cute (and still almost brand-new) honda civic slid at a 45 degree angle rather than the 90 degree turn I was trying to make, leaving me stuck on the curb in a snowbank at the corner. About half an hour and four lovely young men later, I was on my way but with a very broken bumper.

It turns out that snow can cause serious damage if you run into it, even at very slow speeds, and even more damage if you then try to get out of it. The estimate for repairs? $1302.66. Thankfully, injuries= none, except the car.

Today it's sunny, a teensy bit warmer, and there's actually a thaw going on.


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