Wednesday, January 24, 2007

"simple" luxuries

There are some things I can do here that make me really happy, and every morning I think of how luxurious they are. Perhaps they don't sound like luxuries, perhaps they sound like simple little things, but I promise you, they are luxury.

--popping my clothes in the dryer before I get in the shower, so I'll have warm clothes to put on. (Since I've been living in apartments with laundry elsewhere in the building, or in Egypt where dryers don't exist, for 8 years, this is an incredible luxury that I love.)

-- standing in the shower an extra few minutes, not doing anything, just being in the warm water, and knowing those two or three minutes are not going to make or break the morning. (this only happens on non-Sundays...)

-- running to the store to grab milk after 10pm. There's just one store nearby where I can do that, and there's just one person who works that shift each night, and I am so thankful for that girl.

-- Driving. Getting to church in exactly 10 minutes. Being able to say "I'm 4-1/2 minutes away from church right now" with authority, and being right.

-- telephones, and good friends on the other end of the line. Being able to talk to friends is so great. I can see why several of my friends have forbidden me to leave the country again for a while--it's hard to be without a friend, even by phone!

-- leftovers. Refrigerators, microwaves, dishes that can be microwaved...these are beautiful, beautiful things.

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