Friday, September 26, 2008


Today was better.  Yesterday's meltdown seems to be over (for now) and I've solidified once again into something resembling a human being, and maybe even resembling a pastor.  I think some of the problem was overstimulated extrovert (which doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's not least it's over quickly).  That was resolved by lots of sleeping in and taking walks instead of going to the gym, along with only going to church for the afternoon/evening blocks instead of part of the morning block too.  (yesterday that was unplanned, but on Thursdays I don't go in until 1 anyway.  And yet I still work 8 hours.  How is that normal?)

Total hours spent in the church building this week (Sun-Thurs):  51.  I haven't been keeping track of how many I've worked at home (answering emails, looking up worship resources for World Communion Sunday, etc).  I don't know how many hours I'm supposed to work in a week (I'm sure that's in writing somewhere...bwahahahahah!) but I'm pretty sure it's not more than 50.  I do know that 51 was the average I was working when I was meeting with my therapist though, too (I stopped going last winter), so I suspect this is normal for me.  I'm not convinced that I like it, or that I'm helping to model good boundaries or time stewardship, but at least I know that this week's work wasn't more than it has been.  Now, the no-days-off-last-week (not even Saturday) thing was no good, and probably contributed, but...what do you do when there's stuff going on and you need to participate? (answer:  take more days off the next week, dork!!  It's not like you're (read: I'm) indispensable.  Get over it.)

So anyway, thanks for all the well wishes and helpful words.  Y'all are awesome.  And special thanks to Cecily who retrieved me from work and made me eat two rootbeer floats at a park this afternoon.  :-)

Now I'm still mulling over world communion sunday...and tomorrow I'll be mulling at an international restaurant (yummy!!) and at Whole Paycheck where I'll be stocking up for the debate-or-no-debate party.  :-)

I'll try for some kind of deep thoughts...tomorrow.  Probably about time, but we'll see...


  1. The solo pastoring part is over when? I hope you'll talk with the Interim about what the demands have been. That's important for her/him to know, to help the church get perspective about what they have been asking of pastors.
    More hugs, (((Teri))).

  2. 2 rootbeer floats. Good and good for you.
    Glad to hear things are looking up.

    Have the talk.