Friday, September 05, 2008


I am confused by the idea that there are some people who are "less blessed" than we are.  Who are these people?  In what ways are we "blessed"?  Why do we assume that people whose lives are different from us are not blessed?  


And then, when you're done with that, I want to know more about allegiance.  "country first"?  Where does that leave God?  Are we creating an idol?

While I'm listening to the RNC right now (obviously), I think these questions apply to both parties (I was just too busy to blog last week--and this week I'm forcing myself to make the time because I'm beginning to go insane) and to our whole national life.  And especially to our faith life--what does it do to us when we replace God with an idol?  How is this related to the idea that some are less blessed?  To other ways we view ourselves and our political and religious leaders?  

Discuss.  I'm going to finish Breaking Dawn so I can blog about the Twilight series...


  1. If you're confused about "allegiance," then note that the General Assembly at San Jose threw out the phrase "allegiance to Christ" and replaced it with "a common faith."

  2. I wonder if the word "allegiance" has become so loaded with nationalism that it's no longer usable or meaningful in popular theology (by which I mean: theology of the people, the kind you can do and talk about without constantly defining your terms in non-common usage ways).

  3. might want to take a gander at George Stroup's sermon, "It's all about the 'Tis" that he preached in I think 2004 or's also been printed in JOURNAL FOR PREACHERS and I quoted from it in July 2007 during a July 4th weekend sermon...much to think about along these lines.