Friday, September 05, 2008

Reading Challenge 2008

Okay, I just finished the Twilight series.

This week (like from Monday to now) I've read Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn.  Yes, I'm a fast reader, especially when the book is interesting and especially when I am stressed out and in need of escape.

Anyway, about these books I have this to say:  wow.  

I'm very impressed with this series, with the character development, with the consistency of writing style through four long novels, with the plot twists (especially in the fourth book!), and with the story in general.  It really is a captivating story.  In spite of having to work with all new vampire/werewolf mythology (I am a Buffy fan, after all!), I found the books easy to get into and even to get immersed in.  And the characters are so vividly written that at first I actually *felt* like I was back in high school, my insecure and slightly clumsy self, unsure of why anyone would want to be friends with me, etc.  I do NOT like that feeling so I spent some of this series not really liking Bella much, but she does capture the teen psyche in a remarkable way.  And Edward...move over, Mr. Darcy?  (okay, maybe not quite, but pretty close...I mean, he has WAY MORE than ten thousand a year!!!  ha!)

I think there are movies coming soon.  Part of me can't wait to see this story visually realized, and part of me dreads that because it won't be the way it is in my head.  I'm telling you--vivid.  I have LIVED this story this week.  I had Twilight and once I got to the end, I went immediately to Borders to purchase the next three, as I was unwilling to have any gap in the reading at all.  I could NOT wait.  Yes, I thought it was that compelling of a story.  I can see why these are the most popular books among youth--there's a lot to capture about the growing-up life, and this story does it well, with sub-plots about sex/intimacy, school, friendships, grief, family, navigating the world as a young adult, violence/nonviolence/peacemaking, faith in oneself, mythology/truth/fiction, gifts (as in talents, gifts of the Spirit), and growing into self-awareness.  I'm telling you, it's good.  I am thinking of putting these books, along with some others, on a shelf in our youth area.  What other books would you put there?

So...Twilight.  enjoy!


  1. I read them the same way and really enjoyed them. I guess I would just say the concluding book, in which Bella is reborn/"saved" via childbirth, disturbed me.

    But Edward? He is definitely the Vampire Darcy.

  2. oh yes, it's creepy, true. And is totally a manipulative way to get what she wants from Edward without making him feel guilty about it. Fortunately the outcome is good (though not without its trials, as any mother, married or no, will attest), though I doubt the end would justify the means in any place other than a fictional world.

  3. Thanks for your reviews. It sounds like a series that I would enjoy. I am waiting for the first one to be shipped, but I am contemplating buying the other three before I start reading any of them.