Wednesday, September 24, 2008

when fiction and real life meet

You know the young(est?) sister in the Secret Life of Bees?  The one who has a rock wall stuffed with all the prayers for all the world, the one who is particularly affected by suffering/tragedy/heartbreak/sadness/illness, even when it's just on the news or far far away?  (yes, the one who kills herself...leave that part out for now)

I feel sort of like her today.  Every little thing sends me into a meltdown.  Tourists still held hostage in Egypt.  people losing their homes.  hungry children.  magazines with women pastors on the cover pulled from LifeWay bookstores.  I mean, seriously.

But I'm not going to walk into the river, so don't worry.  And hopefully I won't end up crazy like when Buffy could hear the thoughts (and therefore the pain) of everyone around her...


  1. sparky, actually those were both yesterday.
    Today is much better so far, I just haven't gotten around to blogging about it...due to the sleeping in and walking in the park being all I've done so far today...

  2. I felt that way coming back into the country. Sorry, and hope you're feeling better today.