Saturday, March 22, 2008

holy week and other things

Holy Week happened--our progressive-worship (like a progressive dinner, where you all go on to a different place together) Maundy Thursday seems to have worked. The funeral Friday morning happened. The high-church Good Friday with the St. Matthew Passion happened beautifully in spite of my inability to connect what my eyes read with what my mouth was saying.

We somehow managed to slip in 8-10 inches of snow, the plowing service we use at church managed to NOT come and plow the parking lot until we were all already there, and I managed to fall down some steps leaving church last night, bruising my knees. (Thankfully no one was decidedly un-graceful)

Today it's sort of sunny--the snow is sparkling on my deck. As long as I'm in the house, I don't mind. But it's supposed to snow more tomorrow--all between 3am and 3pm. Just the time when we want it to be snowing, right? Between the snow and spring break we are anticipating lower Easter attendance than usual, but Jesus will come out of the tomb whether the crowds are in the church to welcome him or not.
I think I have a children's time worked out--I just need to do a few things before tomorrow to get ready. I have the makings of green bean casserole waiting for tomorrow. I need potatoes so I can make mashed potatoes. And then everything will be ready and all I have to do is sit on my couch and read a book for the rest of the day.

I'm not sure that's what the early church had in mind when they talked about Quiet Saturday, but it seems perfect to me. It's pretty quiet--the only noise is my water heater (which makes strange noises), my cats, a few birds singing outside (probably asking each other what happened to bring back December in March!), and the sound of me typing...

quiet indeed.

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