Saturday, March 15, 2008

Reading Challenge 2008

Okay, I have read two more books this week. I can always tell when I'm stressed out because I read like crazy--I stay up late reading, I read several books at once, I do anything I can to escape to a different place.

So this week I read Three Cups of Tea which was stunning and beautiful and challenging. This very well-written account of how one man can change the world was incredible--highly recommended. Also, this book reminded me that I'm not the only one in the world out there saying "violence does nothing but make people hate...only education and giving people tools to get out of poverty makes people less susceptible to the charms of terrorist-trainers!!"

I also read The Dante Club, a murder mystery set in late 19th century Boston and revolving around HW Longfellow, JR Lowell, OW Holmes, etc., and their club for translating the Divine Comedy. It was intelligent and witty and also a good mystery--I had lots of theories as the book went on but none were right. I only figured out the murderer when the author decided to reveal who it was. An enjoyable fluff book. :-)

Now I have to focus on writing a sermon....


  1. I read The Dante Club when it first came out--and just loved it. You're right, a nice fluff book.

    Haven't read Three Cups of Tea yet, I'll have to try it out.