Friday, March 07, 2008

whoops....neglected blog alert!

Hmm...I forgot about my blog for a little while. Sorry.

The whole on-vacation thing was good...three days off. woohoo! Ames and I spent time at the spa, which was amazing. I so loved spending the afternoon being massaged and pedicured. I should do that more often. And with the half-off cards they gave me for a bunch of next visits, I will.

Let's see....In the past week I've been to the spa, I've eaten at some of my favorite restaurants, I've said goodbye to Amy afeter her vacation here, I've been to help at the Sunday School Teacher mid-year Training, I've done a bunch of church, confirmation class, etc...and brainstormed Maundy Thursday and Palm Sunday...desperately trying to come up with several stations and their activities for Maundy Thursday. I'm going with exploring the story from the inside, as it were. There'll be a handwashing/all the disciples together experience, a betraying/selling out God for our own interests/Judas experience, communion, and an abandonment/denying/Peter experience. Haven't really worked out more than that so far. Music ideas, anyone? We probably have a guitar player, assuming his flight home from a business trip is on time. :-)

Tonight we had a great Taize service even with a very small crowd. And now...Hot Fuzz. It's overdue at the library, but I figured if I'm going to pay a fee I might as well actually watch it. it's pretty funny so far.

and that's all. I promise something more worthwhile over the weekend....after all, it's Presbytery meeting time on Saturday! good times.

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  1. It's been forever since I've had time read blogs, so that's how I'm spending almost all day at work today!!! Sorry I haven't been around! I'm "babysitting" a kiddo with influenza A and two boys not yet in school today, and not in my regular house, so there's not a lot I can do out of my house.'s officially blog catch up day! :D It's great to read what you've been up to. It sounds like vacation is a blast! You asked for music ideas... "Let us Talents and Tongues Employ" is always a great communion hymn. DH and I are now Worship and Music co-chairs...our committee just picked hymns through April 6th last night, and that's one we're using on Maundy Thursday, as a reminder that we have can offer gifts back to God and each other, as we receive His sacrifice.