Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Reading Challenge 2008

Yes, I'm reading a lot. As previously noted, I know I do this when I am feeling stressed or overwhelmed--I head off to another land.

So the book I began at the gym yesterday was finished yesterday evening (my first evening at home in several weeks).

Yes, it was fluff. And?

And Only To Deceive was a fun yet slightly mysterious escape into late-19th century aristocratic England. Not entirely formulaic, full of wonderful references to antiquities, Homer quotes, and the budding intellectual freedom of a young woman, I liked it. And it freed me from thinking about Maundy Thursday for a good couple of hours. A good half-price-books buy!


  1. Hmm... A neo-Victorian novel that you claim doesn't entirely suck... I'm skeptical, but intrigued; perhaps I'll borrow it from you someday. =)

  2. jenny, this is the fluff I read--it's all neovictorian. I call them "princess books." They're not great literature, their escapism. I love them! :-) When you get here, I'll have TONS of fluff you can borrow. heehee!!

  3. I don't think there's anything wrong with fluff! There's far to much gravity in the world as it is. Besides, who knows what lurks on the bedside tables of those who scorn a good "mindless" read!