Thursday, March 13, 2008

I suck at juggling.

I cannot keep the balls going. So many things to do, so little time.

How does this happen? I feel like my head is exploding in balls like the ones from a ball pit at McDonald's.

And the only coherent thing in my brain right now?

a sung response we are using this Sunday, from South Africa.

Sanna, sannanina, sanna, sanna, sanna! Sanna, sannanina, sanna, sanna, sanna! Sanna, sanna, sanna, sannanina, sanna, sanna, sanna! Sanna, sanna, sanna, sannanina, sanna, sanna sanna!


  1. another ear-worm type refrain? Are you going in-sanna hearing it??Trying a little levity here...

  2. that's the whole's a Hosanna thing.

  3. and yes, on the insane. ;-) but not from the song!!

  4. kinda nice actually that the song is reminding you of salvation over and over again. maybe that's what you need. wink wink.

    scotland anyone?

  5. Can't wait!
    I told my SP today that if I don't survive the weekend, confirmation is Sunday at 4 and we're supposed to talk about atonement.

  6. I figured it was a "hosanna" that makes me think of JCSS Hosanna Heysanna, sanna, sanna, ho......cuz i don't know the tune to your version. Hang in there - even with a pinky. Glad the SP knows about the confirm plans just in case, however!

  7. On the bright side, at least there's nothing actually wrong with your head. =)

    One week till surgery... sigh...