Friday, March 07, 2008


...I wish I had an anonymous blog.

There are a lot of things I want to say right now about this whole FL-MI presidential race thing. But I'll keep them to myself because, well, my blog is not anonymous. And I don't know who all is reading. And I don't want to send my extremely fire-y opinions out into the blogosphere when I am not entirely sure I understand the complexities and intricacies of the situation AND I don't know who's reading.

Let me just say, after reading lots of comments on the situation over at wow. And also this: for all the energy we expend on fighting with one another, and for all the money we talk about throwing around, I suspect we could actually do what we are all talking about--change the world. for the better.

I think the same thing about the church and the energy and money we spend fighting over things that are adiaphora (peripheral issues).

Just saying.


  1. sometimes, i think it's important to say what might get us in trouble. sometimes i think it makes a better world. just saying.

    hee hee.

  2. That's often true.
    I'm just not sure it's a battle I want to be in right now. And I'm not sure I want to alienate church members over a political issue--not that I'm sure I would, but that I know the possibility exists.
    Not to mention that I seriously think I could bring the tone of the discussion up about 12 grade levels--I mean, seriously. People are screaming at each other (online, at least) and acting like 5 year olds.
    But still I show restraint. for now.

  3. The best (inexpensive) place I found was in a church in St John the evangelist right on Princes’ St (at the far end - walking towards the castle from waverly station)

    The reason I recommend it is that it has a lovely selection of food (and snacks) and is fair trade. The cafe is under the church - and next to it is a bookstore (profits go to justice work) and also a craft-type store. I loved it.

    They take CC (though had troubles the day I was there) The soup was delicious (leek and potato) and they serve it with a bap (roll) or oatcakes.

    Another place is actually Harvey Nicols. They have both a la carte and cafe on the top floor I think - and suprisingly it was good value (at lunchtime) with a lovely lovely view of the castle (they put a mirror up so I could see the castle in that -very clever)

    There are a lot of good restaurants in EH - and be sure to try vegetarian haggis - it's worth trying!!! (and really is vegetarian)

    In Glasgow go to the TajMahal curry house if you can. It's the best (esp the starter -pakora!)and lots of veggie dishes

    have FUN :)

  4. oh and I agree with what you wrote. Sometimes politics (also in the church) makes me sick!