Wednesday, June 04, 2008

away and reading!

I'm on a retreat this week, which is so fabulous.

I've finished two books that I haven't posted about yet, too:

The Powers That Be--pretty much fabulous.  I'm ready to read it again already.  More on nonviolence later...

A Fatal Waltz--the third in the Lady Ashton series (basically a princess book, but about Society rather Court...but with intellectually stimulating content!  The heroine studies Greek, art, and antiquities!  And solves mysteries!).  Awesome.  I read it last night--in about two and a half hours, when I should have been sleeping.  I started at 11 and couldn't stop so didn't go to sleep until 1.30.  excellent!

Anyway, back to retreating...also, FYI, I'm blogging about the Bible in 90 Days readings (we are doing this at church this summer) over at the church blog.  

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